About Us

The present partnership of LILLICO BAZUK GALLOWAY HALKA can trace its roots back through several generations in the Peterborough area. The firm was founded by G.N Gordon after the First World War. G.N. Gordon served as a Minister in the Coalition Government during the Second World War. His son, W.B (Pete) Gordon joined his father in practice , and James Lillico became a partner with W.B. Gordon after the Second World War.

Mr. Gordon retired in 1978 and Peter Lillico, the son of James, joined the firm in 1979, and Stephen Bazuk became a partner in 1983. James Lillico retired from practice in 1990 but remained active as a Deputy Judge of the Small Claims Court. Peg Galloway commenced her practice with the firm in 1996 and entered the partnership in July 2000.

The partnership has recently renovated its premises in its historic building in downtown Peterborough. LILLICO BAZUK GALLOWAY HALKA provides a wide range of legal sevices, including Estate Planning, Real Estate, Family Law, Civil and Criminal Litigation and Business Law.

We pride ourselves on providing quality legal services. Our team of experienced lawyers and law clerks focus upon ensuring that our clients are well informed and well advised.