You can commence a civil action for various types of losses you may have suffered. A few examples are:

  • A contract dispute
  • Negligence causing personal injury or financial loss or damage to property
  • Money owed to you on an unpaid loan or unpaid account
  • Return of personal property
  • Refund for substandard goods
  • Dispute over an estate or inheritance

If you are suing for money and the amount is $6 000 or less, you can bring your action in the small claims court. You can represent yourself in small claims court, and the Small Claims Court office near you will advise you regarding the procedure.

If the amount sought is over $6 000, the matter will be dealt with in the Ontario Court (General Division). The laws and procedures that deal with such civil actions are complex and you will require a lawyer. Consult your lawyer before taking any action to advise you regarding your likelihood of success. It may be that involving a lawyer will help bring negotiations to bear and settle the matter more quickly than by obtaining a judgment through a lengthy trial process.